Photo shooting

Írta: Rouge-fashion, idő: 2011-04-18 19:36:23 – News

Photo shooting in the D1 studio about our sexy dresses. The sexy costumes and sexy clubwears shooting started at 2 pm.

We arrived earlier to have time to take out the sexy dancer clothes, sexy latex products, and the nicest lace dresses, sexy costumes.

Our beautifull model arrived with a small delay. Ildikó started her make-up immediately. Than her hair is made ringlety.

We could start the photo shooting about the new sexy dresses.


sexy dresses

 In co-operation with my photographer mate we made the new sexy outfits pictures, which will soon be seen in the „Newest” link in the web shop.

Everything was going well and fast. Everything was perfect, lights, model, mate. We had arrived to shoot the accessories. Red, black, white, neon green, pink and from all the colours there are 4-5 kind of thongs (one strip, two strips, tie side, etc.), there are 2-3 kind of triangle bikini tops, and also there are mini skirts tulle and swimsuit material. Poor our modell was catching to herself these bikini’s accessories.

Tired, but we did it!

We left with satisfaction.

You are abel to buy our sexy dresses, and accessories soon.

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