15% off sexy dresses again

Írta: Rouge-fashion, idő: 2011-08-13 18:52:31 – News

New pictures new game!

Play and shine!

Find the codes of the sexy dress, sexy costume like pictures below.

Finde the three codes on the website.

Choose a sexy dress, order and send for us the three codes in the "Additional comments" rubric.

Billing information:
  Do not fill in! This is just a sample!

If you send the correct codes of the sexy clothes, we pay back 15 % from each dress what you order.

*We can pay back the 15 % after shopping in Paypal only!

Those sexy clothes below search the codes and then send them to us:

Sexy catsuit Sexy dress Sexy clubwear

The game valid until 31 of August 2011.

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