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B061 - latex sexy dresses

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Latex sexy dresses:

The lady on the pictures is fitness competitor.

A really cool and sexy set can be seen on the picture. The material suggests it is lacquer, but it is elastic and enhances the erotic effect with its high shines. It makes up more pieces, thus can be combined in several ways. Its triangel top which is fixed at the bottom.

Accessories: Fingerless Wrist gloves.

Size characters:

Bra triangle bottom length: 13 cm (5 inches), side length: 16 cm (6,2 inches)

Corset: adjustable, side length: 16 cm (6,2 inches)

Short up hip: 98 cm (38,5 inches), side length: 8,5 cm (3,3 inches)


Weight: 115 gramm



Price: €38.00 (£32.30, 9 880 Ft)

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