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The prices of web-shops of Rouge-Fashion are to be meant in Euro, Pound and HUF. Payment may be made only with the customer’s approval.

Our prices not include the transport costs. This cost will be added to the amount in accordance with the weight and the location of the Country where the pack goes. The transport costs can be foreseen before the customer’s approval of the payment.

Rouge-Fashion reserves the right to change the price of its products at any time. It will continuously inform its customers on the possible changes of prices.

We do not assume any liability for the customs clearance of the clothes exported abroad. The customer shall be aware of the laws of customs clearance of the local country.

Since Hungary is the member of the European Union no customers have to pay for orders towards EU member states.

Rouge-Fashion offers several types of possibility for paying the ordered products. You decide how to pay:


Payment in Hungary:

Postal cash on delivery system:

This type of service can only be chosen for deliveries in Hungary.

This payment method can be chosen if the delivery method of MPL had been marked. In this case after receiving the confirmation e-mail, Rouge-Fashion will make up the order within 1 working day and hand it over to MPL delivery service. The delivery service will carry the consignment on the next day following the take-over. The value of our products and the delivery fee should be paid to the postman upon delivery in cash. That is why providing an address where we are available in the daytime is important when choosing this delivery method. In case the postman does not find anybody on the given address, he leaves a notice in the letter-box, by which the item can be taken over in the post office. MPL provides such notifications twice.


Payment from abroad:


Choosing the Country and Currency:

If you choose Hungary, after pressing “Continuation of Order” button the sections marked by * need to be filled out, then by pressing “Submit of the Order” the finalization takes place – step 4th follows

If the order takes place abroad (not Hungary), after the selection of the country the payment method can be chosen:

-PayPal – you get to PayPal official site where the payment can be transacted. Any Currency you choose you can pay  with PayPal!

-K&H – you get to K&H Bank official site ( where the payment can be transacted. If you choose Euro or Hungarian Forint, you can check out with credit card too!


Payment with bankcard:


In the course of online purchase there is a chance to choose the bankcard payment method at the menu of “Payment method”. Please check that your data is correct once the "Check out with credit card" payment method has been selected. After having checked the correctness of data, select “Send your order” button. By choosing the button we get to the site of the Bank, which can be reached via encrypted link in order to protect our data and bank account. In this section we have to give the number, expiry date and CVV code of our bankcard. The CVV code is a 3-digit ID number that can be found on the back of the card. In this section we can get information on the types of acceptable bankcards. After providing our data by clicking on “Pay” button we can validate the transaction. By pressing down this button there are no opportunities to revoke the transaction! If in the meantime we still not like to execute the transaction, then by pressing “Delete” button we can leave the transaction. If we fill the e-mail field in this interface, the Bank shall notify us by an email about the successful and unsuccessful transactions including the details as well.


Important: Rouge-Fashion Ltd. will not store any provided data in any format.

Payment through paypal:

PayPal is a secure payment network operating in more than 103 countries. PayPal payment system enables you to buy or sell on the Internet in a secure way without ny intermediaries. PayPal is an internet based account service. Customers can fill it up with money and the value of the product or service shall be transferred from here. It is secure for the customers, as they do not have to give their credit card data for each purchase. Once you have registered in PayPal system, you can initiate bank transfers on the Internet and you can check the status of cash movements, too.


If you have any questions then never hesitate to write an e-mail to


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